Wednesday, February 23, 2011

" will be called Repairer of Broken Walls." Isaiah 58:12

1 Corinthians 3:11 "For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus christ."

The walls of any edifice constitute the main body of the building or structure. They enclose the occupants that live or function there and/or any goods stored there. The walls hold up the roof and generally hold the whole structure together and give it its appearance and character.

The ‘walls’ can figuratively represent the laws, morals, values, ethics and norms that hold a society together and in place. O, just imagine a nation that is built on the principles, wisdom and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ! This is not as impossible as it seems, because this happened in Britain and Europe and America in the Great Awakening in 1650 to1750. There was such an outpouring of the Spirit that pubs closed down and whole nations were affected and their laws and ethics were changed and this has influenced their development ever since. But sadly they have largely turned away and the moral decay has begun in earnest.

Many of us dream of a similar awakening happening in Africa. We have often heard that revivals begin with a small group going to earnest prayer, often motivated by observing and then sorrowing for the decadence in society that causes a urgent turning towards God, and so we see that repentance plays a vitally important part. I have just been reading in a book entitled “The World’s Greatest Revivals” by Fred and Sharon Wright. They say that these great revivals of the past were preceded by a wave of truth powerfully preached. They say that through these revivals, God is orchestrating the restoration and rediscovery of key truths so that the Bride of Christ can make herself ready for the Marriage Feast of the Lamb:
The Reformation, released through Martin Luther, restored the truth that Jesus Christ is the only means of Salvation.
The First Great Awakening, released through John Wesley, restored the truth that the Church needs to fulfil the Great Commission.
The Pentecostal Revival, released through William Seymour at Azusa Street, restored the truth about the baptism, infilling, indwelling, and empowering of the Holy Spirit.
The Father Heart Revival, powerfully released in Toronto, restored the truth that we need to experience the Love of God the Father and enjoy intimacy with Him

Imagine if the Lord has chosen for another revival to come out of the restoration of the truth of His love for the poor and His plan for their relief through applying the Good News to them in the way He meant it to be. I pray that this outpouring will clear away the destructive norms of behaviour and values in all our cultures in Africa, which cause so much suffering and poverty. We pray that the many churches, which will be planted and the many converts to Jesus will demonstrate and spread the Kingdom of God far and wide, even to the other continents.

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