Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have we made getting married too hard? pt 2

Seeking to straddle both the old tribe and the new tribe of God, we have ended up placing heavy burdens on our young people who want to marry. The weight of these burdens often deters people and they end up deferring their marriage plans. As the prospect of marriage grows dimmer (due to inadequate finances) many people, unable to control their passions get caught up in sexual immorality (that is, engage in sex before marriage). We must not make it difficult for people to be obedient to God when they want to get married.

I would like to see Christian parents cutting out the dowry or lobola requirements for the marriages of their children. I would like to see the covenant nature of marriage reinforced in a simple celebration without all the expensive trappings of western clothes and food now expected. My understanding of the marriage ceremony is that the only essential thing on the day is the speaking of the vows to one another in the presence of the church and the blessing prayed upon the couple by the leaders and the church as a whole. The goal should be simplicity and freedom. This will help the couple to focus on the essence of the ceremony: the entering into covenant with each other before God.”

Wow! That raises many questions! Do you agree with John Kpikpi? Is this problem true in Zimbabwe also? What can church leaders and family champions do to make it simpler for our people to be married?

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