Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"....and will Raise Up the Age Old Foundations" Isaiah 58:12

1 Corinthians 3:11 "For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ."

The strength and excellence of any building must be established on strong foundations; in fact many professional builders will tell you that a building is as strong as its foundations. For a rebuilding of anything after ruination, it first requires the re-establishment of the original foundations. Were they strong enough and were they built on the firmness of solid bedrock?

If they were originally built on the machinations of man, leaning on his own understanding, they are bound to be much weaker than if they if they were built on God Himself and His ways. How can fallen man build correctly in a way, which conforms to God’s Ways, when He refuses to consult the Creator of all things, and has other fallen men as his consultants, whose boss is the ruler of this world? This boss is also known as the Ruler of the kingdom of darkness, the Liar, the Deceiver, the Thief and the Destroyer. He is cunningly clever at making facsimiles and counterfeits that dishonour God.

Even Christian builders and rebuilders must be very careful not to build on traditionally accepted methods and principles, no matter how educated and sophisticated these models appear to be. The Lord hates compromise and contamination with the world, or any form of compromise and lukewarmness! So with all earnestness we must go back to the age-old foundations, the principles and methods, which were established in God’s heart before the foundations of the world!

This is why the Lord has asked us to change the overall covering name for His Way of farming to Foundations for Farming. We certainly are learning to farm His Way, but even that must be founded on God’s Foundations, and Foundations for Farming is the Lord’s choice as the entrance point of demonstration of how to build and do all things His Way on His Divine Foundations! The principles established in Foundations for Farming is God’s entrance point model for the Foundations for Nations, Family, Education, Health, Law, Order and Justice, Business, Mining, Environmental Care, Services, Preaching etc.

It also conforms to the Lord’s time sequence for the multiplication of man into society and civilisation and dominion over the earth, because working and caring for the garden was the first occupation and responsibility He gave to the first man, Adam. (Genesis 1: 28-29 and 2: 15). If we want to be used by God to rebuild and develop the infrastructure and society in Africa, then we must raise up His age-old foundations. Let us begin again where God began!

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