Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thank you Lord for making us man and woman

God made men and women different. Genesis 1 and 2 are two accounts of creation. Last time we looked at Genesis 1 which takes in the whole world and people are created last. This time, we consider Genesis 2 which shows that it was God’s good plan to make us different. Instead of making another Adam, God did something quite different in making Eve. In verse 7 , we see that man came from the dust and became a living creature when God breathed life into him. In verse 22, the woman is made from one of the man’s ribs. The sexes are linked together and need each other. Married couples quickly learn that they are different in many ways. It is part of the fun of being married, but it can also cause problems. Here are two common examples of the differences between men and women:

* In a newspaper the headlines summarise the stories in a few words while the details are in the small print. Many men communicate in headlines. They are often satisfied with just a few words. Women thrive on the small print of life. They need to talk through all the particulars of everything. Neither the man nor the woman is right or wrong. A newspaper that is all headlines with no small print is pretty useless. A newspaper with no headlines and only small print is almost impossible to read. We need both headlines and small print.
* If a couple goes to a soccer match, the woman will tend to look first at the crowd. She will notice who they are and what they are wearing. The man will hardly be aware of the crowd. He is immediately taken up with the game.

By creating a person like Adam and yet very unlike Adam, God gave us the possibility of amazing unity. When we all sing the same melody, it is called unison which means ‘one sound’ but when we unite soprano and alto and tenor and base, we call it harmony. There is something deeper in great harmony than mere unison. So God created man and woman. Genesis 1 tells us that men and women both reflect God’s image and are given the same task on earth. Genesis 2 says that men and women are different. These two truths that should not be separated. When the chapters are put together we get God’s truth that men and women are equal and different. Thank God we are different. Thank God that we are also equal. It is God who can help us to work out what this means for marriages today. In marriage husbands and wives can show God’s likeness together in a unique way. There is a special joy in being us. Hallelujah! God’s creation is GOOD!

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