Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Foundations for Family Champions Conference

Enjoy Your Marriage Training
In September, the Family Champion couples from all 12 congregations active in Foundations for Family together with seven church leader couples came together at for a three day marriage training. On the first day, Ian and Adie Wilsher from the Harare Counselling Centre helped us with an introduction to marriage counselling. The next two days concentrated on the Enjoy Your Marriage material from Family Impact which had been adapted for leaders of groups of married couples and was available in English and Shona. This helped the couples themselves to enjoy their own marriages before explaining how to use the material to help others.

Couples Time
Some comments:
Mostly we enjoyed being together just the two of us, learning, playing and talking together.
• Seminars were very interactive, the group times & discussions where we went to discuss outside made things fresh.
• We enjoyed learning about how to communicate with our spouses and the importance of having time with each other as couples so that we can share our feelings so that we can come to know each other.

• We enjoyed the topics Communication and Romance and sex.
• We were enlightened on how to deal with problems in our marriages.
• The times we had alone as couples were very good; we realized that it is very important to spend time with our loved ones.
• The couple’s times were excellent; we spoke about things and made decisions we might have never made. These are truly powerful, marriage shaping times.
• Beautiful times of discoveries and reflections which strengthen the marriage bond.

Fun Time as couples

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