Saturday, June 26, 2010

The vision of Foundations for Health

Foundations for Health is a project which equips churches to respond in nutritional and self-sustaining ways to disease and sicknesses as well as equipping them in preventative health measures to bring health and restoration to the nation.

Mission Statement:
Equipping and empowering individuals that can assist and impact their community to improve health standards and decrease incidences of sickness.

We are currently doing 2 pre-pilot studies: One with Maoko ane tsitsi team and one with the “grassroots” out at Westgate. We have found discrepancies already and want to do a review of the manual before pilots will take place. We are envisioning twelve “pilots” through our emerging “church plants” in the near future. We encourage individuals that are interested in doing a pilot to build relationship in their communities and identify the need for a health focused project. We can then reach out with the eight session Foundations for Health programme to hopefully make a lasting impact in the communities.

What are pre-pilots projects? What is “grassroots?” What are emerging “church plants?” Read on in the next Foundations for Health article.

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