Saturday, June 26, 2010

The vision of Foundations for Family


A church where families loved, really loved each other
A church that children couldn’t wait to get to
A church which was the best place for teenagers to hang out
A church for all ages from grandparents to infants
A church where hurting and bruised people found a warm welcome
A church of loving, faithful married couples
Whose homes were filled with fun and laughter and praise to God
Homes in which children were secure and cared for.
This church would impact a community and change a continent.

That is the vision of Foundations for Family which aims to make God’s plan for family life joyfully central to church life and programmes by celebrating the beauty of family in the purpose of God.

The practical importance of Foundations for Family is grounded in the necessity of good family relationships in the Kingdom of God if our communities are to be transformed.

The spiritual significance of Foundations for Family is based on the character of our God who, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is like a family from eternity to eternity. Human family life flows from our creation as male and female, two-in-one people, in his image and likeness.

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