Friday, September 9, 2011

God's good gift of sex

In the rural areas of Zimbabwe there are many myths that surround the topic of sex. Mr and Mrs Nyams taught very well on God’s view of sex and how our culture and wrong beliefs have distorted this wonderful gift from God. One lady from the areas we taught was really thankful for the teaching and this is what she had to say:

“My husband and I are HIV positive and our sexual relationship was far from being enjoyable and our relationship was suffering because of that. Both my husband and I attended the teachings that Mr Nyams did and I would say we learnt a lot. It was helpful as well for my husband to hear from another man the expectations of woman when it comes to sex. He is now patient with me as a woman and listening to my needs and desires. Our sex life has been ignited and so has our relationship. We now know that even if we are HIV positive, we can still enjoy this wonderful gift from the Lord. Thank you so much for your teachings, something I would not have been able to talk to my husband about. You gave us room to start talking openly about our needs and desires.”

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