Tuesday, May 10, 2011

God's Blessing On Family Life pt 3

In the psalm, we see God’s blessing spreading out to society. That is the significance of “the prosperity of Jerusalem” (vs5). No person is an island. We are all in relationship with others and our personal and family well-being is bound up with the good of God’s people and of the community.

God’s blessing is not limited to one generation. It is not only for all the days of my life. It also reaches to “children’s children (vs6) and so far into the future. Praise God for the amazing, wonderful richness of his blessing. How blessed are all who fear the Lord and walk in His ways!

Yes. A family that honours God will be a blessing in its community.
Yes. Family flourishes when people honour God.

Shalom. May God’s people enjoy His peace and His wholeness.

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