Thursday, July 1, 2010

The conception of Foundations for Family

Foundations for Family was conceived at a meeting of Foundations for Farming leaders who were enabling people to care for their families by farming joyfully and effectively. They called for an initiative to help them in personal relationships as essential to their success.

Foundations for Family was born when a small group met during the 2009 Farming Champs conference to pray and plan about its objectives, values and outworking. Materials were written and tested and a preliminary training held in November for leaders of 20 rural congregations who were taught how to use the Five Family Values Workbook in their regular Farmer Group meetings. The response was overwhelmingly positive and Foundations for Family was properly launched at the Foundations for Nations Champs conference in March 2010. Ten congregations sent their appointed Family Champion couples for orientation. These Family Champions are now adapting and implementing Foundations for Family through their churches.

Foundations for Family is designed as a long-term, on-going part of church life so that it becomes part of our DNA and characterise all that a church is and does. It is not a short term project though it is recommended that churches start it with a 6 week sermon series on the Five Family Values. It is not an extra burden or add-on to church life though it may develop special programmes for separate family members such as couples, widows, parents, single parents, young adults, orphans and orphan caregivers. The emphasis is on empowering whole families and raising the profile of family in all of church life.

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